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Andalusia, Spain

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

My parents are both fluent Spanish speakers. My mother would argue that statement, but she has a much better grasp of the language than she gives herself credit for. They both have a deep love for the culture, architecture and the people, therefore it is their primary holiday destination. We had the pleasure of tagging along with them on one of their trips to Andalusia.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit this region a few times, but in 2015 it was Matthew’s first experience. Even though parts of this trip was familiar to me, we were able to explore spice markets, the Alhambra, valleys of olive plantations, and were able to always find something new and exciting. Spain truly is richly diverse, hospitable and one of my favourite places to explore.

Three cool places to Check out in Andalusia:

  1. Negratín Reservoir is a reservoir in Freila - really cool location, you can get into the mountains around, take some great photos. But down by the water, there is a rather quirky bar, animal heads mounted on the walls and an outdoor dance floor. They also hire out canoes during the day. The bar is OFF the beaten track, so be prepared for a long and bumpy journey.

2. Granada - basically this is the most beautiful city. You have the main tourist locations like the Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex, with both Roman and Moorish heritage. Book tickets the day before, and it is a reduced price. There is also the flamenco dance performances, the best one was in a cave, some real emotional dancers that take your breathe away. “Cuevas los Tarantos” But, there are also the non touristy spots you can find down the side streets. Bars with locals, that usually involve a guitar and friendly conversation.

3. Alcala la real - Get away from the major cities and visit a local Andalusian town. The catholic religion is prominent, there are statues of Mary and the saints dotted across the countryside. The market is fun, more moorish forts, and lots of interesting urban areas to explore.

Enjoy. ;)

Back in 2015 we were using the Canon 650D, and we hadn't even thought about starting a media company. Creative photography is always something we have been interested in, and we're just glad to share with you our experiences and photos on our blog.

Happy travelling.

Matt and Scarlett


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