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Event Videography
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Website Videography

Technical Videography

Corporate Clients:

Cinematic videography fit for all mediums

Video is popular as a corporate communications tool, especially in the age of social media and wireless technology. We export our videos to run on mobile phones and iPads, as well as desktop PCs and laptops, so that they scale perfectly for your platforms.

Our Surefooted Media videos have a fabulous cinematic feel that doesn’t just take our professional equipment to achieve, but the experience and expertise of our videographers and editors.

We have retained a number of clients over many years, who can testify to our consistent high-quality photography and video footage.

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Annette - Imani Collective 

I have loved my experience working with both Matt & Scarlett. We have worked with them on multiple projects for our brand Imani Collective in Kenya and they’ve always been so outstanding. I love how they’re able to help our creative visions for our brand come to life while still capturing authentic emotion in each photo/video. They’re great to travel with if you’re planning on taking them along with you anywhere. Plus Matt has incredible taste in music + Scarlett is probably the sweetest, funniest human on the planet. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

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