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Are you a Rock and Roll Bride?

Every bride wants to feel special on their wedding day. But some brides want something more than that. They want to be able to prove that they’re true rock stars, and they want every detail of their day to reflect that. If this sounds like you, we have some tips for making your wedding a memorable one!

What makes a rock and roll bride?

If you're a rock and roll bride, you know how to stand out from the crowd. You don't want to be like everyone else and you aren't afraid to be bold or confident in yourself. You have no problem being different, because that's what makes your wedding special!

Make your wedding unique.

The best way to make your wedding unique is to be yourself. Don't try to copy someone else's style or theme, because it won't work for you. Instead, embrace the things that make you special and incorporate those elements into the wedding planning process.

Be creative! Don't worry about whether an idea will "work" or not--just go with it! If there's something on Pinterest that catches your eye but doesn't quite fit in with the rest of your vision, try adapting parts of it instead of throwing away all those beautiful images altogether (we've all done this). Maybe there's a dress pattern or flower arrangement that could work perfectly as part of another element at the reception--or perhaps one place setting could serve multiple purposes as part of both table decor and favours at each place setting? Be bold! Be different! Be YOU!

The Shack Revolution

A small intimate ceremony with autumnal colours and rustic DIY decor at a stunning industrial wedding venue. Miranda and Joe chose the Shack, and here are some highlights from their day!

The couple loved having a small ceremony with just close friends & family, which meant they got to stop and chat to everyone that was there, which made it very special to them and more intimate. Small intimate weddings have become more popular since the pandemic and it seems that they will continue into 2023 too. Hands up for more intimate weddings!

Miranda and Joe got married at The Shack Revolution in Hereford, an urban, industrial blank canvas venue for unique weddings.

With having a simple theme for decor, the couple loved having their wedding at The Shack. Miranda added that "The team there is absolutely incredible and having our special day there made it all the more special."

The Courtyard at the Shack is an urban oasis and the perfect backdrop for reception drinks, games and evening street food. You can also have your ceremony outdoors, surrounded by our plants or challenge the new in-laws to a game of Shack Pong.

The bride's hair and make-up was styled by Naomi Kymberley Bridal , Miranda added; 'It was so great to work with Naomi for both my hair and make up trials a few weeks before, to the day of. I went to her home for my trials which was cozy and beautiful and she listened, took notes and pictures, and made my hair and makeup on my wedding day exactly what I had wanted.'

Use the nifty 360° tour feature for an idea of the layout of The Shack Revolution on their website.


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